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Express Data, located in Phuket, Thailand, is the leading enterprise of IT solution and One-Stop Internet Service Provider. Established in February 1996, Express Data offers comprehensive and advanced IT solutions for all market sectors. Its customer portfolio included leading five-star hotels, international corporation, hospitals, government institutions and a diverse range of small-and-medium size business.

Focusing on the support requirements for the customer’s long term business model, Express Data operates with a well-trained and highly experienced IT staff that is dedicated to servicing the customer 24/7,365 days a year.


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At Express Data, we believe that communication is the key to our (and your) success.
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Express Mail Server

Security & Stability within your communication network

Your organization may experience a number of problems when using email, including:

- Emails not reaching their intended destination
- No notification of email delivery failure
- Delivery delays for no apparent reason
- Lack of administrative accountability
- High costs to the organization
- Virus and Spam issues

Express Mail Server Services are designed to meet the specific needs of an organization, providing security and stability within the company's communication network.

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DR Site and Backup

No Tape No problem! Avoid risk from a natural or human-induced disaster

Virtual DR Site and Backup Server enables customers to replicate data, applications and operating systems from their production environment into a securely managed Cloud Computing environment located in a secured facility, where they can failover to a production ready environment in the event of a catastrophic outage at their primary facility. Customers pay for CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity in an on-demand. This on-demand capability minimizes the cost to the customer by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain expensive, dedicated technical infrastructure.

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Preventive Maintenance

Are you and your organization have a well protected?

The primary goal of maintenance is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of failure of equipment. It’s designed to preserve and restore equipment reliability worn components before they actually failed.

- Cleaning your system of dust and grime accumulated during normal operation.
- Connector and electric wire set check up.
- Check and configure all backup switch or hardware if needed.
- Provide services on a quarterly basis.
- Detailed report of services

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Domain & Web Hosting

Secure your Online Identity Web Hosting – Web Design – Domain Registration

Our US servers are located at the true heart of the Internet, and are connected to the largest, best performing US and Internatial-scale backbones. Optimum speed and performance is guaranteed and reliability is dramatically increased, to virtually 100%, due to the multiple backbones and independent, redundant, networking architecture we use. Web pages are designed and developed by our in-house team of professionals.

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Total Network Solutions

Optimized design for best performance and security

Express Data delivers innovative networking solutions to help make it easier for you to implement and optimize your network infrastructure. Our technical consultants and engineers are thoroughly trained to help you fully realize the benefits of your information infrastructure investment. The combine product and services of advance technologies capable the optimum network infrastructure allowing you to secure and converge your entire networks–wired and wireless, security and risk management, IP surveillance, MATV and mobility.

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High Speed Internet Access

High efficient Internet Service for Corporate Customer

Given a long term commitment is most important for business philosophy. We believe in providing stable, top-quality services and support at affordable and competitive prices. Corporate Leased Line is a premium quality Internet Service for an organization that needs stability in Internet Connection. This service is appropriate for the organization that need an ultimate Internet service, unlimited data transmission and unlimited usage hours. You will always be connected to the Internet.

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